Fragile and so useful, our hearing system needs proper care, which we tend to ignore. The consequences are varied, from discomfort to real conditions that can affect our hearing. The best tips for having healthy ears are easy to put into practice. The ritual of cleaning and care is the most important step in this process, but there are tricks to turn the urban space, hostile and noisy, into a friendly environment for your ears.

Currently Emma’s microsuction ear wax removal clinic’s are at Fairfield Park Health Centre, 47 Tyning Ln, Bath, BA1 6EA. Emma does clinics on a Friday, and sometimes other days in the week, please call to check when there is availability. Microsuction is safer, cleaner and requires less preparation than syringing. It is far safer than syringing because no water is being forced into the ear. The clinician uses high magnification to see the minute detail of your ear and clear it. See extra info on Ear wax in Bath UK.

We are all aware that we must take care of the health of the ears, but we do not all know how sensitive they are and how carefully they must be cleansed. For example, cotton swabs are used by most people, but most of the time the limit is exceeded and the skin inside the ear is irritated from too much rubbing.

The ear flag should be cleaned with soap and warm water. It is good to clean your ears with a clean towel, soaked in warm water. In addition, there are commercially available sprays with purified water and sodium chloride, or with special oils that soften the wax and help eliminate it. Ear sticks are not the best way to remove ear wax. By using them, you just push the wax inside the ear canal, favoring the formation of wax plugs. Also, frequent and incorrect use of ear sticks can lead to diseases such as mycosis. The insertion of any long, sharp objects in the ears causes serious hearing impairment. Source: