If you’re injured in an accident, insurance coverage is not available, and it turns out that you don’t have a personal injury case — because it was your own fault, there is insufficient evidence, or another reason — then you’ll be on the hook for all your medical expenses. In this case, you have limited options, and you’ll probably have to cover the costs of medical treatment yourself. If you can’t afford the bills, you’ll need to turn to family and friends, or consider getting the debt discharged through bankruptcy.

Mistakes: Failing to seek immediate treatment from a doctor after an auto accident. Each year, 10% of the population will be involved in an automobile accident. 20% of all accidents lead to SERIOUS and long-term injuries, yet 30% of those involved never seek treatment.

If you are injured in a car accident that is not your fault, the other driver (usually through his insurance company) is responsible for your medical bills. However the other driver’s insurance won’t pay your doctors directly or reimburse you after every doctor visit.

When you’re injured in an accident and you need medical treatment, your medical insurance is normally the first place you turn when you need to pay for your medical bills. But what happens when you don’t have medical insurance? Even if you don’t have medical insurance, you still have a few options available to you including “med pay,” Medicaid, no fault insurance and payment arrangements.

If you’re struggling to pay your bills after you’ve been injured, a personal injury lawyer can also help you explore your options.

Accident pharmacy in USA: This is where we come in. As a nationwide service provider, we work with your medical caregivers and attorneys to ensure that your treatment can continue without a hitch by providing you pharmacy services on lien. Unlike most other such services there are no co-pay requirements, neither are there troublesome deductions. With a network of more than 59000 pharmacies across the US, including all major pharmacies, we are able to deliver your prescribed medication to your doorstep within 24 hours of a request.

Legal info : Accident Pharmacy understands that victims of personal injury are in no state to take further stress and hence we work with attorneys and insurance companies directly. We eliminate unnecessary phone calls and paperwork that you would usually have to bear with, leaving you free to concentrate on your clients’ needs and your practice in general. Your clients’ too can convalesce with reduced stress knowing that they don’t have to worry about either co-pay or any deductibles.

Every year, millions of people get injured in car accidents or mishaps involving commercial vehicles. The first thing they require is proper medication. But not all people suffering on account of car accidents carry personal injury claims. This is where Accident Pharmacy comes into picture.

Accident Pharmacy is a pharmacy service for personal injury victims of auto accidents and slip and fall on lien. Through a network of more than 59000 pharmacies nationwide, which includes all major pharmacies, we provide access to or even deliver the prescribed medication to the victim’s doorstep, within 24 hours of ordering.Unlike most pharmacy services on lien, Accident Pharmacy requires No Co-Pay and there are No hidden deductibles either. You can take the services of Accident Pharmacy with confidence, knowing that at least in one area, you will be secure and have peace of mind, in case you do face an unfortunate situation like an car accident.

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